Cross Cultural Discipling Mission
Discipling the peoples of the world
from a base in Hong Kong, China

Ben & Karen Rees


One nickname for Hong Kong is "Asia's World City." This conjures up images of the international nature of life in Hong Kong. It is a place where trade from all over the world and the cultures of almost every part of the world meet and interact. It is possible to find people here from almost any country in the world that you can think of. Many countries have quite sizable numbers of their people living and working here. Read more about Hong Kong.


The Cross Cultural Discipling Mission exists for the purpose of "discipling the peoples of the world from a base in Hong Kong." Hong Kong is on the south coast of China and most of the people are Chinese, but there is a sizable minority of well over 300,000 people who come from many different countries all over the world. The largest minority groups are from the Philippines and Indonesia, and there are also large numbers from Canada, the U.S.A., Britain, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and many other countries. The mission works with some of these. Ben and Karen Rees are the missionaries of the CCDM. Read more about their work.


The congregation now known as the New Testament Church of Christ was founded by Ben and Karen Rees in their home in November 1981. The original goal was to meet the spiritual needs of the growing number of people from the Philippines who were coming to Hong Kong to work. It was the first Church of Christ / Christian Church in Hong Kong to focus very much attention on these people. At that time there were around 11,000 people from the Philippines living and working in Hong Kong. Today there are over 10 times that many. In the 25 years that the church has existed, it has ministered to hundreds of people from the Philippines, and a significant number from many other countries. Find out more about this church and its unusual ministry.


The mission newsletters will provide you the most up to date information on 'happenings' at the Cross Cultural Discipling Mission and the Church. Some of the newsletters have pictures of church activities.

25th Anniversary of the church

Pictures of our church 25th Anniversary celebration are on the Mission Pictures page.

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